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Michelle Wejcman is an Argentinian theatre director and cultural manager creating unexpected experiences and alternative ways to surprise audiences. She co-directs and co-produces La Caja Negra Argentina, a social impact theater company that offers unique performances for Jewish institutions and companies. Michelle directed and produced Proyecto Posadas and Proyecto Garage, staged at a unique antique barber shop and a small parking lot, both unconventional theater locations.

As a corporate social responsibility consultant, she produces trainings, events and cultural and educational projects that mix traditional education with innovative ideas that include technology, audiovisuals and, of course, theatre. She directed several educational plays and videos for children and adults for different companies such Nestle, Astra Zéneca, YPF and Pan American Energy. She is a member of Asylum Arts, the Lazos Network and ROI Community.

She believes that every cultural or educational space is an opportunity to make a real difference and transform others, creating unforgettable experiences.

Work Samples - Theatre

Posadas Project


A play staged at a unique antique barber shop that invites the audience to immerse in this unconventional theater location, and uses humor to reexamine the Argentine military dictatorship of the 70s.

La Caja Negra Argentina

Video 1Video 2

A social impact theatre company that creates unique interactive performances -on stage and virtually- to rethink different social issues. IG: @lacajanegraargentina

Garage Project

A musical play that invites the audience to attend a bands rehearsal inside a parking lot. During the whole play, audience cellphones are used to convey information and interactive slogans through What’s App.

I Choose


Corporate Social Responsibility program. Educational play and fictional interactive videos created for an oil company, to create awareness about self-care and preventing addictions in schools.

Super Energetics


Corporate Social ResponsibilityEducational program. Play created for an energy company, to raise awareness about the responsible use of electricity and care for the environment.

Some Organs Suffer

Theatre sketch created for a Lab in a medicine congress to engage the audience with scientific issues. Audience had the chance to meet and greet the Heart and the Kidney, and get to know how they suffer.

Healthy Kids


A Corporate Social Responsibility program to raise awareness in schools about healthy habits, trough interactive videos and a theatre play.

Super Healthy

Video 1Video 2

Corporate Social Responsibility program. Educational project created for a food company, to raise awareness in schools about healthy habits, through fictional videos.

Antigona + Holocaust

Adaptation of Bertolt Brecht Antigona with a retelling of the life of Franisco Wichter´s, an Argentine survivor from Schindler´s list. Play and debate was at a non-Jewish school in Buenos Aires

Work samples -  Events and trainings

Cultural Transformation


An dynamic break event created for a digital bank company to announce a new culture and enagage their staff. Employees were invited to play and learn through theatre and gaming.

Motivation Event

Video 1

Production an Project Manager for Desafío 5.0,  a motivational event for a company in Uruguay, with international speakers such as Gunter Pauli, Monica Flores and Jorge Melguizo to rethink the future.

Leadership Experience

An immersive event created for a bank company to train their leaders. Employees were the main characters of different scenes that challenged them on different skills.

Safe Internet


Educational program to raise awareness about Internet safety through interactive fictional videos. This project impacted over 5.000 for teenagers.

Lazos Summit

Video 1

Production and immersive environment for Lazos Summit, a Jewish Latin American network that brings together leaders from different countries. Summit 2014 in Iguazú, Argentina and Summit 2018 in Cancún, México.


Co-founder and co-producer for Teatron, a Jewish theatre festival that brought together different community-based companies fromBuenos Aires.

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